iPhone back glass repair

Back Glass Repair for iPhone 8 and Newer Models

On iPhone 8 and newer models, Apple has designed them with back glass in mind. Unfortunately there are weld-points holding the back camera housing to the frame and an incredibly strong permanent adhesive which holds the glass to the frame. This makes it almost impossible to fix — unless, of course, you’re a More Than a Fix technician!

To repair iPhone back glass, most cell phone repair shops need to replace the entire housing.


Unfortunately, this approach requires 2 to 3 hours of labor and hundreds of dollars out of your pocket.


For Example, the manufacturer, Apple, charges between $349 and $599 for “other repairs” which is anything besides your screen assembly or battery.

The More Than a Fix Differentiator:

An iPhone back glass repair replaces your iPhone’s damaged back housing with a high-quality one. We have the best equipment and high-quality replacement parts that’ll ensure your iPhone goes back to its original condition.


If you’re looking for other repairs for your iPhone, visit our iPhone repair page for more information.

iPhone Models Covered

Our iPhone back glass repair service covers iPhone 8 and newer models. If you want to verify if this service covers your iPhone, check the material of your device’s back housing. If it’s made of glass, you can bring it to us for a back glass repair.

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You can get a free estimate for your iPhone’s back glass repair service. Our prices are transparent and upfront, so you don’t have to worry about hidden charges.

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If you find a lower price for an iPhone back glass repair outside More Than A Fix, we’ll happily match the price. This reduces your time looking for an affordable, high-quality repair. With us, you can get your iPhone fixed right away.

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We guarantee all our iPhone repairs with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Visit our warranty information page to learn about what our warranty covers.

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Have more than one issue?

We offer discounts for multi-repairs that are performed on the same cell phone, as well as discounts for repairs across multiple devices. For example, if you have your iPhone’s front screen and back glass repaired in the same visit, you’ll save 10%.