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Nationwide mail-in repair services!

We offer iPhone, iPad, MacBook, & Android mail in repair service nationwide.

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Package your device and send it off! Learn More

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Package your device and send it off! Most of our customers package their own items for shipping. Please do not send the original Macbook, iPad or iPhone box for shipping. We suggest wrapping your items in a layer of bubble wrap or similar and enclosing it in a small box padded with crumpled newspaper. Please do not use especially large boxes for shipping small items such as iPads and iPhones. Fedex offer special padded boxes for shipping laptops. You do not need to include your case, original box, smart cover, charger, or any other accessories with your shipment.

Please also include your Order Confirmation Email with your shipment. If your device has a password, please enclose the password or disable the password so that we can completely test your device before and after the repair.

After your item is securely packaged, just go to your preferred carrier and ship it off. We recommend FedEx Express One Rate is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective way to send your device.

Note: As an alternative, you can also take your item to a FEDEX or UPS Store and pay them a small fee to package the device for you.

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During intake after arrival we will match your device to your repair and send you an automatic “We received it” email and place your device in queue.


If we have any questions or updates during the repair process we will send a ticket update, and if not, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your device has been repaired and a link to pay your invoice using any credit card.


Your device will automatically be shipped back to you after payment is received, and a you’ll get a tracking number to watch it make its way back home.

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