MacBook Repair & Upgrade Services

MacBook Repair

We can repair any Mac issue from older MacBooks to the new MacBook Pro/MacBook Air Models. We can replace your broken display, upgrade your hard drive, repair your logic board, fix water damage and more.

Our MacBook services includes:

MacBook does not charge or does not power on?

Many issue can cause your Mac to not charge or to not turn on at all. Often, power related problems are caused by issues on the logic board, a faulty battery, or other small parts connected to the board. Many problems can cause the device to not charge, not power or otherwise manage power improperly. Even on newer models of MacBook where storage is soldered to the board, we can get your device opertating properly and secure your data.

Hearing startup chime but have a very dim display or no image?

If your device seems to be turning on and you are hearing sounds from your Mac but see a very faint image or nothing at all, you may have a problem with backlight. You might be able to see the image more clearly in a bright room or by shining a light through the back of the display on certain models with the ilumated apple logo on the back side. No backlight is very common after liquid damage.

Water damaged MacBook?

Accidents happen, MacBooks do not like to go swimming, but if they do, we can get them operable again. Just because something was spilled something on your device doesnt mean you need a new computer. We are experts in logic board repair and can repair most liquid damaged MacBooks.

Battery not lasting very long?

Lithium battery degredation is a normal aspect of all lithium ion batteries. As the battery in your device goes through cycles of its charge it will slowly start to hold less and less charge. If your macbook is simply draining quickly, this is often just becuase the battery in the device is worn down. We can replace batteries in all macbook models and get your device’s time off the chrger back to its former glory.